The 2014 CGCOM reel I composed all music and sound effects for.

Featured on the CGCOM home page (CGCOM).

CGCOM is a marketing company based in the Montreal’s old port.

They make visual arts and slogans for a plethora of clients including Rona, Molson, Banque Laurentienne, Cascade, etc. (Clients)




Music made for a client’s wedding photo reel.

Featuring real guitar and virtual instruments played in real time.

Groovy Hero

The 2013 Groovy Hero trailer I made for Groovy Pulse Games (Website).

Available on iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play).

Groovy Hero is a rhythm game where the player can use any song on his device.

It detects the tempo and music to generate pucks that the player has to tap in time with the music.

I have also made the sound effects and some music for the game.