Chilly progrès

The following was composed at the Nottingham Coop in Madison, Wisconsin.(Wisc).

Used in (Les Muses de Salomé) by (Ariane Brien-Legault) and (Mirek Hamet).

A piece compsed while staying with the wonderful people at the Nottingham Coop in Madison, Wisconsin.

All done with the help of a bunch of gear I managed to salvage from their infamous attic.

SFX Video Reel

A short SFX Video Reel in a Sci-Fi aesthetic.

Sounds crafted using Foley and some synth work.

Made using the Unreal Engine 3 tech demo entitled “Infiltrator”.

A small demo of my sound effect making capability using the new tech demo from the highly anticipated Unreal Engine 4. Includes foley sounds recorded by myself as well as a lot of synthesizer work and some sound bank material. Made in August 2013.