Les Muses de Salomé

The following is the trailer for a film using a song I composed in it.

Two songs and some sound design of mine are featured in the film.

Presented at the Cannes Festival short corner (Salomé at Cannes) in Mai 2015.

Synopsis: A young woman explores her sexuality through the composition of a piece of electroacoustic music. Inspired by the myth of Salome, she uses the sound of the male orgasm to achieve her goals.

A Movie by Mirek Hamet (Niveau 2) and Ariane Brien-Legault (Ariane’s Articles).

Music, sound design and adjustments made in conjunction with Mirek Hamet.

Intradiegetic sound design by Simon Lacelle (Farsight).

Mixing at Technicolor Montreal (Technicolor).

Je Cruise

Je Cruise is a film I made the entire score and some sound effects for in 2014.

A film by Thibault Bensa (Vimeo).

Je Cruise follows the story of a young ladies man recounting his prowess to two strangers in a bar, complete with humorous flashbacks of his absurd techniques.

En Deux Temps

The following was composed for a film using live instruments I performed in 2009.

Presented to the Take Out films event at the UQAM (TakeOut) in 2009, Montreal.

En Deux Temps is a film about the solitude that accompanies growing old. We follow the parallel stories of a man confined to a retirement home and an old lady feeling isolated more and more as she becomes a drag to the people around her.

The piece playing here is the end credit’s theme.